India April 2007

Hi friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers. Things are going along in a really special way and we are continuing to see God work in ways that only He can. We are all healthy and strong by God’s grace and we are looking forward to beginning VBS here at the Banaswadi campus. Today (tuesday) the staff said they are anticipating 600 kids for this VBS but that several of the surrounding villages are beginning Hindu festivals tomorrow so pray that the kids will be able to get through all the distractions and hinderances. Also, transportation is an issue so pray that the Lord will provide.

Yesterday we headed out on our overnighter in some of the remote places in India. Words fall short in describing the abject poverty. It’s really so difficult to even describe. The first village we got to was Bandakadi Palli. The children and many adults were already gathered and singing as we arrived. We had the service and 35 men, women, and children came to the Lord.

For many of the children, we were the first “fair complexion” people they had ever seen. You should have seen the looks. The children really seemed to take up with LeaAnn. She is extremely fair with blonde hair and the kids followed her everywhere. They also enjoyed watching Patty take video and they would try and get behind her to look at the viewfinder. Many of the people still live in grass top huts with mud walls. Patty even said at one point; “I feel like I’m in the middle of a National Geographic documentary.”

After we ate, we headed to the next village where we would be staying for the evening. The village is in a mountainous “jungle” area of India where in October, November, and December they have trouble with bears. Glad it’s April!! Apparently, there is a fruit in this village that is plentiful and comes due during those months so the bears come in for their share. We had a service although the people had been sitting, packed in this building for a couple of hours by the time we arrived. There were no professions of faith but not unusual in this case. Over a period of a few years, the entire village has converted from Hindu to Christianity.

The overnight stay was “different” (lots to tell you individually) but uneventful for the most part. Here’s where the cool part starts. We show up at the next village only to hear that a truck had come into town looking for workers. Since work is hard to find for these people, many went including almost every church member and believer. The little pastor was so disappointed. We began singing and folks began showing up. All non-believers. Only a dozen or so but would it surprise you to hear that ALL of them, men, women, and children, came to the Lord? You really do need to see it to believe it.

After one more stop and 9 more professions of faith we headed home to collapse. Tommorrow is the big kickoff. Thanks for your prayers!

In His Love,

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