India July 2007 – Prayers

Hi friends,

I need your help to pray for a man in India. I quote from World Magazine:

“Sudha Simon undoubtedly began to worry when her husband did not return home after a Saturday evening errand run on June 9th. The 4 a.m. phone call she received from him the next morning did little to assuage her fears: “Help, I have been kidnapped! They are beating me to death!” came the voice of her husband. Then the line went dead.

With the recent increase in attacks against Christians in India, the possibility exists that CHARLES SIMON, an Indian national, was kidnapped by religious fanatics. The husband-wife team direct the high-profile Kids for the Kingdom ministry in the Indian city of Chennai, a weekly outreach that gives more than 2,000 children warm, nutritious meals and spiritual truths through its Bible Clubs.”

Folks, Chennai is on the south western coastline about 6 hours away from our people over there in Bangalore. It’s only 6 hrs because of the roads. I would imagine it wouldn’t take more than 3 1/2 hrs or so here in America. I’ve contacted the ministry we work with and it’s leader Dr. Paul Devakumar to find out what I can. It’s been several days and I’ve gotten no response so it seems to me that they are being especially careful themselves. I’m not even sure that Charles Simon and Paul Devakumar know each other but being in the same ministry that close to each other would lead me to believe they do.

Please pray. The Hindu leadership (which includes all political leaders as well as priests) simply do not like the freedom that Jesus Christ gives the people who have been in bondage for so long.

We are so blessed,

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