Does it bother you to know
people are talking about us?

We are pleased that some of our friends are willing to take the time time to express their appreciation for what God is enabling us, meaning them and Patty and me, to do for the kingdom.

It’s not our intention to be immodest here but rather to reassure, particularly those who don’t know us personally, as we come to minister to you and your children.

We appreciate you taking the time to read some of these remarks.

LeaAnne WestI have known John Yates for almost 20 years. I have seen him in front of children and adults in many settings. His delivery of the Gospel is awesome no matter who he speaks with.

His ventriloquism can even go beyond language barriers, as I was able to experience with him and his wife Patty in Bangalore, India. God is truly using John in every way no matter what group he is in front of and he is a blessing to those that experience his ministry.

LeaAnn West
Director of Children’s Ministries
Dallas Bay Baptist Church
Hixson, Tennessee

nicholsonThe ministry of John Yates is such a blessing to me. I have known John for over 20 years and each time I have him in my church he knows exactly what to do. He is creative, informative and fun, but most of all right on target for today’s children. He presents the gospel in words that they can understand and apply to their lives. He is foundational and age appropriate and believe me that is hard to find when looking for someone special to reach children.

John is perfect as a camp pastor, a children’s event, an adult event, or a revival. He can hit any age and make an impact on their lives. He makes each of us think in creative and fresh ways.

John spends time with children and gets to know his audience. His wife Patty is truly an asset to his ministry and you get two for the price of one when booking John. Truly, she is a role model for young girls.

Wow! What a blessing John has been to many, many kids in my various children’s ministries across the state of TN. John is someone they never forget! They all have experienced the overwhelming love of God through this special servant of the Lord.

Phyllis Nicholson
Preschool/Children’s Minister
New Union Baptist Church
Dayton, TN

John has been leading camps and retreats here for young people for over 15 years. He has an incredible gift of teaching Bible truths in a fun and entertaining way

His trumpet, ventriloquism, singing, and speaking are a wonderful combination. He and his wife Patty are a super couple to work with.

James Newsom
Acadian Baptist Center

A dynamic man of God best describes John. He uses his God given talents of music, speaking, and ventriloquism to captivate congregations as he shares God’s word.

Through the antics of Rufus and Friends and stirring renditions of hymns on the trumpet and flugle horn, John sets the stage for an inspiring message straight from the Bible.

His messages inform, inspire, and encourage believers or non-believers, the young or the old, and church members as well as community members. Our lives at Gates Baptist Church have been richly blessed because of the ministry of John Yates!

“…Then said I, Here am I: send me.” Isaiah 6:8. Thanks, John, for answering that call.

Rev. Jerrell Dawson, Pastor
Patrick Sellars, Youth Minister
Tracie Taylor & Donna Dabbs, Children’s Directors
Gates Baptist Church Gates, Tennessee

tyndallJohn and Patty are the most delightful, genuine followers of Christ that I have ever known. They are not in the ministry for themselves, but to share the gospel and glorify the Lord. John is unique in his giftedness and has dedicated his many talents to the Lord.

My wife and I have had John and Patty in our church over the last 15 years and they have been the same – passionate about Jesus, dedicated in sharing the gospel, and on the cutting edge in relating the gospel to children and adults.

John comes into your church as a servant; he is flexible and reflects Christ in his character. We have seen a wonderful harvest each time he has come to lead our Vacation Bible School worship. I highly recommend John. He will keep the attention of your children, involve them in worship, and faithfully share the Gospel message.

Rev. Ron Tyndall
Associate Pastor/Minister of Education/Pastoral Care
Parkview Baptist Church
11795 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

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