Newsletters 2008

December 2008

Hi friends.

It’s been quite a year and now as we “wind down” I want to take a minute and thank you for your prayers and support. We traveled many miles and we’ve witnessed so many make decisions for Christ and your support has enabled us to do all we’ve done. You’ve been with us through dad’s illness and Patty’s surgery and we feel so blessed. Thank you so very much.

This month we have some opportunities that, in past years, we have been unable to do because of scheduling conflicts or various reasons. Things like doing a program for the Angel Tree of Enterprise. I’ll be in for a blessing as I present the Christmas message through my friends to those so much less fortunate. Along those lines I’ve also been asked to present a program to an organization here in Enterprise that works with mentally challenged adults. I am looking forward to that evening and because of your support and that of my church, I am able to help these organizations.

Finally, I am really excited to be able to play in the orchestra for our Living Christmas Tree. This is a big event, not just for our church, but for the entire community of Enterprise. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the 6 presentations but because of my schedule, I’ve not had the privilege.

We pray this month is a tremendous blessing for you and your family as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. Keep in touch and follow us as we minister in His name. Just a reminder…you can keep up with us through the website @ On the site you will find our calendar, an event by event blog, and downloadables.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Celebrating Him!

December Schedule

2nd, Rotary and Pilot Clubs of Enterprise, Christmas Lunch
5-7, Living Christmas Tree, Hillcrest Baptist, Enterprise
9th, Christmas Party, Enterprise Challenged Adults
12-14, Living Christmas Tree, Hillcrest Baptist, Enterprise
15, Angel Tree of Enterprise Christmas Party

Prayer Requests

  • Rest and renewal. Blessings as we are able to participate in both civic events and church programs.
  • Preparation for a new year of ministry. Music and ventriloquists programs.

November 2008

It’s been an amazing month with a supernatural ending.

We began by taking some time on our own budget and leading revival services in an inner city ministry in Dayton, OH. The altar was full each night as we saw God work in many hearts and lives. It was a wonderful weekend.

From there to LA where God worked once again as we saw some surrender to His call.

On the 21st, Patty had a mole removed from her cheek. The Dr. didn’t think much about it but sent it to the lab anyway. On Friday, the 24th, while driving up to lead the pastor’s conference in Ridgecrest, NC, she received the call that it was Basal cancer. On the 28th she had surgery to remove any other remaining cells and although we haven’t heard anything further as of this writing, the Dr. felt really good about everything and has set her up on a regular schedule of 6 month repeating visits. We praise the Lord!

I called my mother to give her the report and she had one of her own. Dad has just heard from his urologist and received an “all clear”. God has healed him and so we thank you for your prayers on his behalf.

Now we’re moving into November. We begin with kids on the 2nd then I’ll be preaching a revival meeting in MS the 9th followed by a senior adult rally and a couple of family nights. God is really using this ministry and a major part of that is your prayer support. We are blessed to call you friends and have you as partners in this work.

With that in mind, I’d like to remind you that we have a blog that we keep up and running during our events so you know how to pray for us. You can access it by clicking on JYM Blog on the navigation menu upper left.

Keep in touch!

November Schedule

2, Kids Day, Whitesburg Bpt, Huntsville, AL
9-13, Revival, North Long Beach Baptist, Long Beach, MS
18, Senior Adult Rally, Brainerd Bpt, Chattanooga, TN
23, Family Day, Vaiden Baptist, Vaiden, MS
30, Family Night, Faith Baptist, Cowarts, AL

Prayer Requests

1) That Patty’s final report will return clear
2) That lives and hearts would be changed
3) Safety during travel
4) God’s provision and strength in the work

October 2008

Hi friends

It was a great month of ministry. Thank you for your constant prayer covering. We saw many come to a saving knowledge of Christ and a number of other special decisions through this ministry. Although very busy with many road miles, it was a very fulfilling and affirming month of ministry.

This month we face a schedule where I will be doing both preaching and music in 4 of the 5 events. We rejoice in every opportunity but will need your prayers for the strength to do the work. Thank you for your prayers for God’s provision as well. These fuel prices are a real blessing aren’t they? Now we’re dealing with shortages in some of our travels. We rejoice that God is in control!

You will notice that the first booking we have this month is Edgewood Baptist in Dayton, OH. If that sounds familiar, we were there in July during their kid’s camp season. It is the inner city ministry where a young couple we know are serving as USC2 (United States Commitment 2 years) with the North American Mission Board. I was asked by the pastor (also a NAMB missionary) if I would be willing to come up and preach a meeting for his congregation. Your gifts and the support of my church have given me the opportunity to occasionally volunteer my time and effort to help out God’s work both in the U.S. and abroad.

October Schedule

3-5, Revival, Edgewood Christian Center, Dayton, OH
12-15, Revival, Social Springs Bpt., Halls Summit, LA
19, Stewardship Campaign, HiLand Park Bpt., Panama City,
22, Fall Festival, FBC, Cordele, GA
24-26, Pastor’s Retreat, Etowah Bpt. Assoc, Attalla, AL.
(held at Ridgecrest Bapt. Conference Center, NC)

Prayer Requests

  • That hearts and lives would be changed
  • Strength, both spiritual and physical to do the work before us.
  • God’s provision and travel safety

September 2008

Hi Friends,

We have headed off on a much needed getaway and I neglected to get the letter to you before we left home so here I am on the road trying to get this out to you.

We had a great August thanks to the Lord working through your prayers. The first of the month I had the privilege of leading revival services, both music and preaching, at Rocky Springs Baptist Church in Yazoo County, MS. Patty was raised in the church and it was a thrill for her to see women that taught her in Sunday School and families she hasn’t seen since she graduated high school. It was a great time of reunion.

From there we headed out to a Vacation Bible School in TX, where we saw a record attendance for that church plant and witnessed several children come to Christ.

At the end of the month we were in Dothan, close to home, where we did a simultaneous revival service for kids and 9 kids came to Christ. I’m telling you folks…in my weakness He is strong. Thank you for your continued prayers. It’s your remembrance of us that keeps us in the middle of God’s work and as a result so many lives being changed.

This next month is busier, if that’s possible. In fact, I stopped by the church office the other day just to “introduce” myself again. Praise the Lord for the opportunities.

Many of you have called or written showing your concern for dad. We appreciate, so very much, your love and prayers. He had a bit of a set back recently when, because of the radiation treatments, his blood count dropped to low to continue. He is back on schedule although with a little stomach discomfort. The doctors had told him this was a possibility. Keep praying!

We’ll keep pressing on! You do the same………………


September Schedule

7 – 10, Revival, (music and preaching) Stowers Hill Bpt, Attalla, AL
14, a.m. service, Family Day, Northwest Bpt. Church, Gainesville, FL
15 – 17, Kids Revival, Golden Acres Bpt, Phenix City, AL
21, Missions Night, Columbia Bpt. Assoc, Dothan, AL
22 – 24, Refreshing Conference, Sherwood Bapt, Albany, GA
26 – 28, Kid’s Weekend, Calvary Bapt, Brookhaven, MS

Prayer Requests

1. That many would come to Christ
2. Safety in travel, strength to do the work
3. Dad’s treatments

August 2008

What a great month of ministry, friends!

We appreciate your prayers for changed lives, safety, and strength. We logged in over 4000 miles and traveled from Dayton, OH, to Spicewood, TX, 45 minutes west of Austin.

The inner city ministry called Dayton Hope in Dayton, OH, is a wonderful work sponsored by the North American Mission Board. Pray for its pastor, NAMB missionary, Doug Saunders, and the young couple on a 2 year commitment with NAMB, Jason and Hilary Taylor. The work, as you can imagine, is quite challenging but the leaders have a heart for reaching these people with the love of God.

Following that week, we headed to Shocco Springs (a beautiful camp outside Talladega, AL) for a camp with Whitesburg Baptist Church where we had two great days and saw, I believe, 8 kids come to Christ. There was still follow up counseling to do but your prayers were a large reason for the success.

From there, we began a 2200 mile road trip. It began in Laurel, MS, with a camp ages 5 – 10. The kids were really responsive but we felt with the wide age range it would be better not to offer a formal decision time. Lot’s of seed planting.

After Laurel we headed out to Spicewood, TX. 115 pre-teens made for an awesome camp with high energy. Add the outskirts of hurricane Donna and let’s just say we had movement! We witnessed 12 kids come to Christ.

We finished up the week in northeast AL doing music supply at Parker Memorial Baptist Sunday morning, a concert Sunday evening in Heflin, AL, and the Magnificent Monday service back at Parker. It was a wonderful weekend with friends but a tiring one as you can imagine.

This upcoming schedule has some unique opportunities. I will be preaching in the church where Patty was raised. Rocky Springs Baptist Church is celebrating their 150th anniversary. From there to Tyler, TX. Green Acres Baptist Church has started a new work called their south campus. That will be a VBS. And on and on it goes.

Remember you can click on the left icon; JYM Blog and you can follow this ministry while we are on the road.

One last thing…many of you have been praying for my dad as he undergoes treatments for prostate cancer. After the first 16 week hormone treatment it was found there would be a need for another injection and radiation treatments. He will begin this set of treatments on August 7th and will go 5 times a week for 2 months. We would appreciate your prayers in every way. He will be traveling approximately 45 minutes one way for these treatments. Safety in travel, healing, and comfort would be our prayer.


August Schedule

1 – 3, 150th Anniversary, Rocky Springs Baptist Church, Eden, MS
4 – 8, VBS, Green Acres Baptist South, Tyler, TX
17, Associational Celebration, Rankin Co. Baptist Assoc., Florence, MS
21 – 24, Evangelism and Outreach Family Weekend, FBC, Hampton, AR
25, Kid’s Magnificent Monday, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Dothan, AL
28, Annual Meeting, Enterprise Homeschoolers, Enterprise, AL (County Line Baptist Church)

Prayer Requests

  • That lives would be changed
  • Travel safety and God’s provision
  • Continued vocal strength and physical health to fulfill the calling
  • Dad. That God will give him the strength and comfort during the treatments

July 2008

Hi friends,

We appreciate your prayers as we continue the work. We had a great month of ministry and saw many come to Christ. We finished up the month at our home church where I had the privilege of leading the worship music in both morning and evening services. It’s always good to be home and I was really blessed by the opportunity.

Ok prayer partners, it is now time to commit to fervent prayer on our behalf. 1st, Patty is sick. The plan is to get her to a Dr. this morning before any infection gets worse. She is experiencing the terrible sore throat, coughing and sneezing that goes along with a bad cold, flu, or strep. She not only wants to feel better but also knows what kind of schedule we have facing us and wants to be 100% when we hit the road.

Secondly, the first thing on our schedule this month is the mission trip we’ve chosen to take to Ohio. There is a young couple with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist serving in the inner city of Dayton, OH. The young woman of the couple is from our church. When God chose not to open the door for us to return to India this year we felt led to contact James and Hilary Taylor and volunteer for a week of VBS. We are really excited about this opportunity and pray that it is a great week in the Lord.

Thirdly, you’ll see by our schedule this is going to be a pretty grueling month of ministry. Pray for strength, pray for safety, and pray for God’s provision. With today’s fuel prices……well, I don’t have to tell you.

Finally, this time of year is vital to the Kingdom as we generally see more decisions for Christ than any other time in our ministry year so pray that hearts will be open and will respond to the call on their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us. You are a blessing!

July Schedule

6 – 11, Inner City MIssion Trip, VBS, Dayton, OH
14 – 15, Kid’s Camp, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL (camp held @ Shocco Springs, Talladega, AL)
17 – 19, Kid’s Camp, Salem Heights Baptist Church, Laurel, MS
21 – 24, Kid’s Camp, Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin, TX (camp held @ Highland Lakes Camp, Spicewood, TX)
27, p.m. concert, FBC, Heflin, AL
28, Magnificent Monday Service, Parker Memorial Baptist Church, Anniston, AL

Prayer Requests

  • Health and Strength for the work
  • Travel Safety and God’s provision
  • Continue praying for my father, Jim Yates. Doing pretty well. Tired most of the time but looking forward to his follow up exam the end of this month to see what, if anything, needs to be done to fight the cancer. We appreciate all prayers on his behalf.
  • MIssion Dayton – that God will use us in a mighty way.

June 2008

Hi friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers. The May schedule proved to be a wonderful time of ministry and rejuvenation. We were able to place rest and preparation in between events. The extra prep time has been great as I have added to the existing music library and have been able to adequately prepare for each event. In the past, the schedule has been so “stacked” that full preparation has been difficult, but God has always been faithful and we have seen Him work in so many great ways.

Now we begin our summer schedule. It’s all about kids this month. We have a couple of V.B.S. kickoff weekends followed by a week of Vacation Bible School. Then at the end of the month my church has asked if I could fill in as Worship Leader while we are searching for a replacement. We’re losing a great one that on the surface would seem almost impossible to replace but our God is big and, even now, begun preparing the heart of the next leader.

A number of you have asked about dad. He’s doing pretty well these days but tires easily so your prayers are still coveted.

As you pray for us, remember fuel costs. The costs have really cut into our budget just as it has with your family. God is faithful and we praise Him for meeting our every need.

I encourage you to visit our web page, calendar, and active ministry blog @, where, during each ministry event (Lord willing) I’ll be reporting on this ministry and giving you specific prayer requests. Thanks again for your support of us and this ministry.


June Schedule

8, V.B.S. Kickoff, Parker Memorial Baptist Church, Anniston, AL
14 & 15, Kid’s Weekend (vbs emphasis), Faith Baptist Church, West Point, MS
23 – 27, V.B.S., Parkview Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA
29, Music Supply, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for lives to be changed for the Kingdom
  • God’s provision in every aspect
  • Vocal strength and wisdom in scheduling
  • Travel safety

May 2008

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is faithful and has provided for us through this last month’s “light” schedule. We were able to spend some time worshipping with our church family which is uncommon but always a blessing for us and with the time off I was able to add some new music to the ministry.

We completed the month in Chattanooga with a kids retreat. Dallas Bay Baptist Church is a church I’ve had the privilege of working with for a number of years. Most of you will remember the children’s minister, LeaAnn West. She traveled with us to India last year. We saw 7 decisions, 3 being professions of faith. Praise the Lord.

This month’s schedule involves a good bit of driving so we appreciate you remembering us as we “hit the road”! I would encourage you to check out the web site during the ministry opportunities. We’ve been able to add a blog that you can access through the web page. We will be able to tell you what’s going on and how you can more accurately pray for us.

Obviously, with our ministry, there will be times when we are in the middle of nowhere and will be unable to report but in most cases we’ll be blogging, so if your time permits, get online and find out the current prayer needs of this ministry.


May Schedule

3 – 4, 125th Anniversary services, 3rd p.m. and 4th, a.m, FBC, Columbia, MS
4 – 7, Revival, beginning 4th p.m., Trinity Baptist Church, Mathews, LA
15 – 17, Men’s Golf and Fishing Retreat, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL
18, Late Night Extra, Salem Baptist Church, Lake, MS
31, Singing at a friend’s wedding, Batesville, MS

Prayer Requests

  • That I will be as effective as possible with each event and that lives will be changed.
  • God’s provision (with a lighter schedule, gas prices, etc.)
  • Continued strength to do the work.
  • Inner city, Dayton, Ohio, VBS in July

April 2008

Hi Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayers for my brother, Jim, during his time in Israel. Things went well and we’re glad he’s back home safely. Thank you, too, for your prayers on dad’s behalf. He’s a bit tired these days but otherwise doing fine with his treatment. We’ll know more at the next scheduled evaluation in July. I’m sure he would appreciate your continued thoughts.

In our last letter we requested you remember us for travel safety with all the miles we had facing us and for lives to be changed with every ministry opportunity.

The Lord really worked through your efforts as we logged in around 3000 miles, sometimes in the midst of some rather bad storms. But here’s the really special part. We saw the Lord work in lives this past month in a way we have rarely seen as we witnessed 14 kids come to Christ during our missions weekend in AR then during the revival in FT. Worth we saw 265 decisions for Christ. It was a move of God unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time. On youth night there were 135 professions of faith (subject to follow up counseling) alone. On kids night we saw 90 decisions including many adults. There were even several families that brought their kids only to fall under the conviction of the Holy Spirit themselves and we witnessed the entire family respond to the invitation. It was an amazing demonstration of God’s power.

I know there are a number of you following us through the blog during each event and this is really special to us. (the blog can be accessed through the web page and the left icon JYM Blog) As I’ve said before there will be times where blogging will be difficult depending on the location of the event but everytime I am able I will be keeping you informed of God’s work. This will also make it easier for you to pray specifically for the needs of this ministry.

Your partnership is a blessing to us and one not taken for granted. Keep in touch!


March 2008

Hi Friends,

Spring is right around the corner. New blooms and new beginnings. Such is the case here. As you can see, is up and running with a brand new look and new special features including new pictures from different sites and an event by event blog.

The web master has done an exceptional job on the site so take some time and look around. Oh, and he would appreciate feedback so feel free to contact him and provide comment on it as well.

Now, on to ministry at hand. The conference in Jacksonville went really well. It was a refreshing time with some missionaries and we had good crowds of kids each time we met. The revival outside of Meridian, MS, was good but difficult. That church has taken on a tremendous ministry and that ministry has proven to be a very difficult one. They are reaching kids from families that many would deem “unreachable”. In other words, they are taking the Great Commission to the streets. What a novel concept. Putting their money where their mouths are. It is a wonderful work, led by two ladies, Rosie and Mary, and supported by the church. Pray for them as they fulfill God’s plan for their church.

At the end of the month we did an Upwards Basketball Program in Wade, MS. With a huge enrollment, they had about 250 kids involved so we did the program in the sanctuary. 250 kids and their parents proved to be a great night and wonderful outreach ministry opportunity.

While you are praying for Goodwater Baptist Church and their van ministry, pray for the upcoming revival in TN. Just like the revival in Meridian, I’ll be leading the music and delivering God’s Word. Pray for strength as I do the work.

Keep in touch and let us hear from you!

February 2008

Greetings, friends, and welcome to February.

February…are you kidding? Already? I pray this letter finds you well. As many of you are aware, we had a last minute cancellation for last weekend which ended up giving us some extra time off. We took that time to work on a diet, the house and new music as well as spend a little time with friends here that are always supportive but rarely see us.

Your prayers mean so much to us as we see the Lord meet needs during our time at home and now, as we head out to follow His call on our lives. Pray that many come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and that we are as effective as we can be in proclaiming the Word.

Our web site will be rebuilt and updated soon with several new addtional features. Keep an eye on what’s to come.

Keep in touch,

January 2008

Hi Friends,

We pray this letter finds you well and blessed. I know if you are like me you are having turkey hangover. We’ll spend the next few days and every free day following visiting our the gym.

The previous year was so successful due to your rememberance of us daily. Please continue to lift us up. Time is short. Our Lord is not long in coming if the outpouring of His spirit this past year is any indication. We saw well over 1000 come to Christ.

I think about 2 friends who have gone “home” this year. Joey Tatum, the 38 year old young pastor I’ve mentioned to my prayer warriors, who left a wife and 6 year old. Also there is Meechie. A real fan of my “friends”, J.J., Sparky, and Rufus, Meechie fought a tough 3 year battle with cancer until finally losing that battle in December, 2 days from his 8th birthday.

We must tell everyone. Commit yourself to full obedience and trust and let’s reach more than ever with the Everlasting Love.


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