Newsletters 2009

December 2009

Greetings friends and Merry Christmas! Well, it’s been a wonderful year of ministry and we are so very thankful to all of you for your support in prayer and love. For the second consecutive year we have taken the month of December off from traveling. We spend this time with our church family and friends as well as helping the community in various programs. You will see by our schedule that it is hardly empty and if fact has turned quite busy by the time you add in the Christmas parties that the church staff attend. I am opening for the Living Christmas Tree with a “crowd warm-up” of ventriloquism that will be lots of fun then playing trumpet in the orchestra.

Below I have listed travel and ministry events for this past year so you can see how God used this ministry. We don’t keep a running tally on decisions made but the professions of faith and various other decisions we saw were considerable and we praise God for each one.

Travel and Ministry Events of 2009

We traveled to 39 different cities and participated or led 49 events which included 7 Revival Meetings, 8 Family Weekends, 4 Kid’s Nights, 3 Upward Award Programs, 7 Banquets, 12 Concerts, 2 Camps, 1 Missions Conference, 2 Retreats and 3 VBS.

Continue to pray for us as we enter 2010. The schedule is really filling up and we need you to commit to keeping us in your daily prayer time. It is playing out to be a very busy schedule with many wonderful opportunities. Your prayer coverage will make this time more fruitful for the Kingdom.


Prayer Requests

1. A freshening as preparation begins for 2010 ministry opportunities. (new messages and music)
2. His provisions
3. Rest and a blessed time off with family and friends 

December Ministry Schedule

1, Dress Rehearsal, Living Christmas Tree, Hillcrest
5, Living Christmas Tree Presentation, Hillcrest
6, Living Christmas Tree Presentation, Hillcrest
7, Senior Adult Christmas Party, Hillcrest
12, Living Christmas Tree Presentation, Hillcrest
13, Living Christmas Tree Presentation, Hillcrest
20, DHR Christmas Party, Enterprise, AL
23, Business Christmas Party, Enterprise, AL
31, Watch Night Celebration, Trinity Baptist, Mathews, LA

November 2009

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful month of ministry with a number of different events where we saw God work in many ways.

We began the month with a sweet fellowship outside Meridian, MS. God really spoke during the revival meeting and many responded. Later in the month I did an awards banquet for UPWARDS Football in Heflin, AL. I have done many UPWARD basketball programs but this was the first football. The kids were great!

On the 18th I had the privilege of sharing this ministry with our home folks. Our church has grown and there are many who have never seen this ministry so our staff gave me a spot in the first of the service where “The Professor” sang and spoke. Lots of fun!

Let me tell you how God uses people. On a recent trip to northeast MS I burned out a hub on my trailer. I did the Saturday night program, drove to the hotel, spent the night, and headed back out to the church Sunday morning. That’s when I found out about the wheel. I backed in and a fellow in the parking lot said; “boy, your wheel is about to fall off.” To say that your prayers of travel safety have been heard is an understatement. Well, the church took care of me and are paying for the repair and have even given me a trailer to use until they get mine repaired. I was overwhelmed at the generosity and thankful to the Lord for them.


Now we’re looking at some great opportunities ahead and would appreciate your prayers for each and every event.


Prayer Requests

For lives to be changed for His glory
God’s provision for every aspect of ministry.
Travel safety and vehicle reliability

Ministry Schedule

1-4, Revival, Juniper Grove Baptist Church, Poplarville, MS
8, Director of Missions Conference, Union University, Jackson, TN
13-15, Revival, North Long Beach Baptist, Long Beach, MS
20, Coffee Co. Singles Conference, Enterprise, AL

October 2009

Hi Friends,

It was a good month of ministry this past month and we appreciate the efforts you make to remember us and this ministry each and every day.

We began with a weekend in Boyce, LA, just outside of Alexandria. Although rain kept some away on Saturday, there was still a nice turnout and lots of food and fun. On Sunday we shared in the morning service and there was movement at the conclusion of the service as God worked in hearts and lives.

The following weekend began on Sunday morning in Ethel, MS. The small church had advertised the “family day” throughout the community and were very pleased as the church filled to near capacity. That afternoon we led kids in a Baptist Associational event in a nearby city.

This past weekend we did another outreach event in a growing church south of Memphis, TN. Like many churches, Desoto Hills Baptist Church in Southhaven, MS, is doing whatever it takes to reach people. It is an exciting ministry making an impact for the Kingdom.

There are a number of unique opportunities coming up the next 2 months so we need you to continue to remember us in your prayers. In the next 2 months we have 3 revival meetings. In 2 of them I will be doing the music as well as the preaching so the need for vocal strength will be at a premium.

We thank our Lord for you and encourage you to keep in touch.


Ministry Schedule

4-7, Revival, Buckatunna Baptist Church, Meridian, MS
17, Upwards Football Awards Program, FBC, Heflin, AL
18, Worship Participation, Hillcrest Baptist, Enterprise, AL
24-25, Family Weekend, Rocky Flat Baptist, Hickory Flat, MS
27, Coffee Co. Senior Adult Luncheon, hosted by Hillcrest
Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL

Prayer Requests

For lives to be changed in every ministry opportunity
Vocal strength
Travel safety

September 2009

News from the Field

Hi friends.  I must begin this letter on a bit of a sad note.  I am calling on all my ministry partners to remember the family of Don Taylor.  Don has been in Vocational Evangelism for many years.  Many have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ both at home and abroad as a result of his obedience.  On Friday, August 21st, he returned from a successful trip to Indonesia.  On Sunday, he began a revival meeting within commuting distance of his home.  On Tuesday, August 25th, while returning home he fell asleep at the wheel and went to his eternal home.  To remind us that God is still in control and on the throne comes this report.  During a recent visit with a son who has strayed from the faith, Bro. Don told him that God would eventually get his attention one way or the other.  That son was one of the paramedics on duty when the call came in.  The son stood at the funeral on Thursday and, before the large crowd, shared he was turning his life back to the Lord.  Please remember Bro. Don’s wife, Lesia, and family.

In our last letter we asked that you remember our fall schedule and pray for opportunities of ministry.  Well, we have booked several events and wanted to thank you for remembering us daily.

This past month we had a great weekend with our friends in West Point, MS.  We began with a blow-out for kids on Saturday morning.  Many of all ages showed up and participated in all the crazy choruses as well as the worship time.  On Sunday we had great services and at the conclusion of the evening concert, the altar filled as God worked and people were obedient.

We look forward to the events this month and all that God has planned.


September Schedule

12-13, Family Weekend, Wade Baptist Church, Boyce, LA
20, a.m. service, Doty Springs Baptist Church, Ethel, MS
20, p.m. Attala Bapt. Assoc. Kid’s Rally, hosted by
FBC, Kosciusko, MS
26-27, Family Weekend, Desoto Hills Baptist, Southhaven, MS

Prayer Requests

Fall and winter ministry opportunities
Preparation and focus on each event
Development of new music and skits
Safety in travel

August 2009 No newsletter

July 2009

Hi Friends,

It was an exciting month of ministry this past June.  I knew we were in for some big things when we arrived in Tyler, TX, and asked the Children’s Minister how many kids she expected. When she informed us that 1200 kids had pre-registered we knew we were in for quite an exciting time! That’s just what we got too. By the end of the week more than 1300 had enrolled and follow-up counseling saw 85 professions of faith and multiple other decisions for Christ. It was an awesome week of ministry.

We followed that with another good week in Baton Rouge. There were about 400 kids we ministered to and we saw many come during our invitation. With the initial counseling done there were 8 professions of faith, 6 recommitments and 2 for baptism. I heard there was going to be follow-up on some of the children so we look forward to hearing about more decisions. Thanks for the prayers.

VBS and camps fill our schedule in July with one exception. Those of you who have been partnering with this ministry for some time now will recognize Gates Baptist Church, Gates, TN. We have worked with this church for many years and they have kind of adopted us as their “home missionaries”. They have built a new building and have asked if we might be able to make it up for the dedication Sunday. We are looking forward to sharing in this wonderful time.

Finally, what would you think if I told you we have some friends taking vacation time, driving all the way from the other side of New Orleans, just to help me install new flooring? Well, that’s what 2 of them are doing. Patty hates their first visit to us involves work but he’s ok with it and I certainly am! We have been soooo blessed.  Let me share with you what God has placed in our lives. We’ve had friends cut our yard when we’ve been on extended trips, we’ve had friends watch the house and water the flowers, even had friends that would take our “signed/blank” checks to pay any bills that happen to be due before we return from the lengthy trips. (insert smart aleck comments here)

Nevertheless, you can see how God meets our every need.  Your prayers for His provision really bless us and enable us to keep going. As always, keep in touch and please keep praying!


Ministry Schedule

12-17, VBS, Green Acres South, Flynt, TX
26, Building Dedication, Gates Baptist Church, Gates, TN
27-29, Kids Camp, New Union Baptist Church, Dayton, TN

June 2009

Notes From the Ministry

Hi friends. I pray this letter finds you and your family well. Your prayers were much appreciated during last months opportunities.

We had some time at home between events that enabled us to get some rest, exercise, rest from the exercise and prep time for the summer schedule. It’s been nice spending some time with friends as well. Let me give you a brief recap from May’s events.

We had 3 different family days and they were all well received. The men’s retreat was great with 51 men involved. There were golfers, fishermen, and 10 motorcyclists, each with the appropriate activities through the day and meeting back in the evening for a meal and wonderful time of worship.
Our first kids camp of the year had 192 kids, ages 1st grade through 6th. There were a number of decisions for Christ that are being counseled.

We are grateful for each opportunity and now we look forward to the summer months and Vacation Bible School. This is generally a very fruitful time of ministry and we need your prayers for many to come to Christ and for safety and strength.

Ministry Schedule

7-11 VBS, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
14-19 VBS, Parkview Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA
24 Music Supply, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL
28 Music Supply, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL

Prayer Requests

1. For many to come to Christ during this summer schedule
2. Music and skit preparation for VBS
3. Continued safety in travel
4. God’s provision

May 2009

Hi Friends,

It was a busy April with many wonderful opportunities of ministry. We began with a revival in south Louisiana with some good friends and had great services. We didn’t see any professions of faith but the church has a very faithful core group trying to minister in a predominately Catholic or “nothing at all” area and that core came to each service and were encouraged to fulfill God’s plan.

From there we went to Luling, LA. Again, south of New Orleans, we saw a church trying to reach its community for Christ. There was an outdoor “neighborhood block party” with a band, games, and me. Lots of fun! On Easter Sunday we had a service especially geared for the kids while “big church” was going on in the worship center.
On the 19th we did a concert for a church fund raiser. They were raising money for a mission trip to Honduras. Things went well and the church raised nearly $5000.

This past weekend we were in Eunice, LA, where we saw 7 professions of faith in a pre-teen spring retreat. It was awesome!

We have some unique opportunities ahead of us this month and some surprising things happening. You’ll have to catch this ministry in about a month to experience it all. It sounds so mysterious and, trust me, it is.

Thank you for your prayers and support. When I say we couldn’t do what we do without you, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart!

We love you and keep in touch!
Ministry Opportunities

May 3, Concert, Ino Baptist Church, Kinston, AL
14-16, Men’s Retreat, Hillcrest Baptist, held in Dadeville, AL
21-23, Kids Camp, FBC Brandon, MS
24, Family Day, FBC, Yazoo City, MS
25, State Senior Adult Evangelism Rally (south region), FBC, Biloxi, MS
30-31, Family Weekend, Pleasant Hill Baptist, Ripley, MS
Prayer Requests

That we see more come to know Him as Savior
Continued strength to do the work
Travel safety and God’s provision
Preparation for upcoming summer schedule
Development of new material

April 2009

It was a wonderful month of ministry as we did the majority of our ministry to the family. You and I know that a large target of the evil one is the family. There seem to be more and more churches addressing issues of the family and using weekend conferences to do so as well as the more traditional pulpit.

During our time with the Upward Basketball Awards we saw a number of people come to Christ, both kids and adults. It was a great time of ministry.

You are such an important part of this ministry. We simply could not do what we do without your support and prayers. We need you to join with us in prayer for our fall schedule, specifically August and October. Pray simply. We are praying that God will have us where He wants us. We pray that the calls will come as He leads.

We would like to ask you to join us in praying for God’s direction. It’s been a while since we’ve had a project, (i.e. a cd or video), and we do not have a clear direction. Obviously we are not going to proceed until we receive direction from the Lord so pray with us for that leadership.

Finally, may God give you a freshening during this wonderful Easter celebration. Praise the Lord!

Ministry Calendar

March 29 – April 1, Revival, Trinity Baptist Church, Mathews, LA
4-5, Awana and Family Weekend, Belmont Baptist Church, Belmont, MS
11-12, Easter Vision, FBC, Luling, LA
19, Benefit Concert, First United Methodist, Batesville, MS
24-26, Kid’s Spring Retreat, Acadian Baptist Center, Eunice, LA

Prayer Requests
Opportunities for ministry
Travel safety
Vocal strength and presentation effectiveness
God’s direction and provision

March 2009

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled over 2500 miles this past month. Of course the main events of the month were banquets and they all went well but we finished with a spiritual emphasis night at Columbia Academy in Columbia, MS where there were a number of decisions for Christ. I pray that the counseling continues and is effective. There were some younger children present so that is of upmost importance.

This upcoming month we will be in 2 revival meetings and some family events. The first revival is one in which I’ll be doing both the music/worship leadership and preaching. Gates Baptist Church is a fellowship that I have been with a number of years and have become dear friends of ours. We always enjoy our time with them.

I look forward to posting great news on the blog so check it out!

Finally, we had a great opportunity to expose this ministry to our church family. You might ask why that would be necessary and how we were able to do that and still travel so I’ll tell you. First, why would it be necessary? Our church has experienced great growth and with so much travel we are “out of sight” from our church family. How were we able to expose the people to this ministry? We needed help for sure. The church leadership planned a ministry fair. This was set on Sunday night, Feb. 22 and was to involve every ministry of the church from committees (media, hospitality, etc) to the more obvious music, youth, and kids ministries. We were asked to put a display together. Patty took this on as a personal project and with the help of a scrapbooking genius personal friend, the display really came together. The map of the U.S. was riddled with push pins (indicating areas of ministry) and there was a map of India as well as a Grand Cayman map. Some close friends of ours “manned” our table to answer questions and talk about our ministry. We are so grateful for them.

A brochure was put together by one of the ministry assistants using information Patty had gathered. She found that last year’s ministry covered 47 cities and 53 different events. See how important your prayers and support are to us? Please commit to keep us lifted up before the Lord.
March Schedule

1 – 4 Revival, Gates Baptist Church, Gates, TN
8 Concert, FBC, Ripley, MS
9, Upwards Awards Program, Ripley, MS
14 & 15, Family Weekend, Blackshear Place Baptist, Gainesville, GA
22 Kids Day, Northcrest Baptist Church, Meridian, MS
29 – April 1, Revival, Trinity Baptist Church, Mathews, LA

Prayer Requests

Ministry partners in India and Grand Cayman
Strength- physical and spiritual, for the work
God’s provision
Travel safety for the road.
Fall ministry opportunities

February 2009

Hi Friends,
Boy, what a wonderful start we’ve had to ’09. I know some of you have been following the blog during our time on the road because you’ve mentioned it to me or contacted me in the midst of an event. We are very grateful.

If you’ve been unable to read the blog, let me give you a quick recap. We had our revival in Vaiden, MS, and had a wonderful meeting seeing at least 20 professions of faith. It was overwhelming seeing God work that way.

From there we headed out early Thursday morning in time to get home and take about 3 hrs. to repack for our trip to Grand Cayman. After packing we headed to Birmingham to spend the night and catch our 6:30 a.m. flight. It was a God filled time there as we worked with a new church plant, Cayman Island Baptist Church. We did a kids event Saturday, and Sunday morning service and a Monday morning chapel for one of the primary schools. It was a “government” school (their public school) that has chapel every Monday morning, prayer, and a designated Bible study time each day. Hmmm…..had to leave the greatest country in the world to pray in a public school.

This past week I was in revival services in Brookhaven, MS. We didn’t have a great deal of movement but the attendance was really good and the spirit each service was special. The devil was working as well with many distractions including the hospitalization and subsequent surgery of the host pastor but God worked in hearts and lives and got the victory. I pray that God will continue His will and way at Gum Grove Baptist Church.

As you can see by the upcoming schedule, there are many different type events from banquets to concerts to mission conferences so your prayers would be greatly appreciated and I want to encourage you to follow us on our blog. You can access it through the web page;

February Ministry Schedule

Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, Kid’s Weekend
Sat. p.m. concert, a.m. service, p.m. concert, First Baptist Church, Iuka, MS
9, Upward Basketball Awards Program Mt. Gilead Baptist, Dothan, AL
13, Valentine Banquet, FBC, Leakesville, MS
15, Celebration of God’s Love
Community Concert sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church, Gladewater, TX (a.m. church service and concert in p.m.)
17, Teacher’s Appreciation Banquet Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
20-22 a.m., Missions Conference First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, MS
22, p.m. Concert, Goss Baptist Church, Columbia, MS
23, Concert, Columbia Academy, Columbia, MS

January 2009

Greetings friends and Happy New Year! I pray you had a blessed holiday season and a Merry Christmas. There is so much going on and so much to share I hope I can do it all adequately.

As most of you are aware, for the first time in the 22 year history of this ministry, we took off the month of December. I remember an evangelist telling me about 13 years ago how he always took off the month of December to have time with family and friends and to rest. I was so jealous just imagining what that must be like.

Well here is my humble yet perfect opinion. IT’S AWESOME!!

It has been wonderful in so many ways. First I was able to play my horn in the 6 presentations of the Living Christmas Tree at our church. We were able to help a few civic and special needs Christmas parties, spend time with good friends, and finally, see God bless beyond measure. It seemed that each Monday the financial secretary would call and tell me about many gifts given to us. Our church family was noticing we were present meaning we were not out “working” and God impressed them to give to us. All our needs have been met. Would you rejoice with us and give God a big round of praise! Thank Him for providing our needs and giving us the gift and blessing in our lives that is Hillcrest Baptist Church. It’s been a very blessed and humbling experience.

You will notice our ’09 schedule kicks off full force this Wednesday with a Watch Night service. Those of you familiar with us know that this is a regular stop for us. We always look forward to being with our friends in south LA.

You will also notice a special opportunity we have the weekend of the 18th. Several years ago I went to Grand Cayman to lead revival services at First Baptist Church. The following year I was asked back to lead worship for a youth camp and services for a kids camp. The core of First Baptist have started a new church in another area of the island calling it Cayman Island Baptist Church. They had their first service back on December 21st and were thrilled when 208 people came together in worship. They are doing a month of celebration and have asked me to come the weekend of the 18th to do a celebration of the family. (go ahead and insert any sarcasm you may have, God knows your heart!!!!!) Anyway, we look forward to renewing our friendship with those we haven’t seen for so many years.

This past year we saw victories in a number of areas. We saw over 250 lives come to Christ. We saw healing of cancer in my father, and we saw a number of lives changed with our time in the inner city work “Dayton Hope” in Dayton, OH. Now, we see many opportunities before us. Not knowing what God has in mind we just desire to be an empty vessel filled with His Spirit to be used up. We covet your prayers and support.

Finally, I want to encourage you to keep up with us through the blog on the web page. Each event will be blogged and will give you prayer requests and praise reports as needed.

We love you,
January Schedule

Dec. 31, Watch Night Service, Trinity Baptist Church, Mathews, LA
4, Sunday Services, Trinity Baptist
11-14, Revival, First Baptist Church, Vaiden, MS
16-18, Celebration of the Family, Cayman Island Baptist Church, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.
24, Kid’s Night, Gum Grove Baptist, Brookhaven, MS
25-28, Revival, Gum Grove Baptist, Brookhaven, MS
31-Feb. 1, Kid’s Weekend, Iuka Baptist, Iuka, MS

Prayer Requests

Lives changed for the Kingdom
Continued travel safety and strength for the work
God’s provision in every area

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