Why keep ’em?

When he decided to rebuild our website on the WordPress platform, our webmaster (independently) made the decision to move all the “old” newsletters to the new site.

It’s interesting to sometimes look back and remember the wonderful opportunities God has given us and the times He’s held our hand as we walked through the valley together.

If you’re not familiar with the road we’ve traveled and the blessings bestowed on us, you might want to peruse the “historical” documents included in these pages. Some of it is almost as interesting as FB… hey, it could  happen.


Webmaster says,

“After moving about three years of newsletters to the new site I figured out it was taking an incredible amount of time to include the Ministry Schedule and Prayer requests. So along about the time I started moving 2010 I got lazy and have only included the body of the letter.

Maybe when I get to 2015… we’ll see.”

Must have got my second wind. 2015 is up to snuff.

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